Membership Benefits:

Advocacy: A Collaborative Voice

SNCBAA serves as a collaborative voice, promoting the success of Black American students, faculty, staff and administrators.  With the support of our affiliates, SNCBAA places vital issues impacting the educational and professional growth and development of Black Americans at the forefront.

Professional and Leadership Development

SNCBAA offers a variety of professional development opportunities to prepare, inform, and connect current and future members.  Whether it is an affiliate conference or a career and leadership development institute, SNCBAA serves as a connecting point to develop platforms for black students, faculty, staff and administrators that enhance career goals within higher education in the state of Nevada.


SNCBAA is a resource. Visit our website for essential tools you can use to assist you along your educational and career paths.

Membership Types:

Individual Professional/Staff: $100.00 Annual Membership Fee – Such a member shall be a trustee, faculty member, administrator or other personnel of the Nevada System of Higher Education institutions that qualifies for membership in accordance with the WRCBAA and NCBAA Constitution and Bylaws.


Individual Student: $50.00 Annual Membership Fee – The student shall be currently enrolled in an institution of higher education that qualifies for membership in accordance to the SNCBAA Constitution and Bylaws. Students shall have and enjoy all the privileges of the SNCBAA membership, except those of making motions, voting and holding office.


Associate: $75.00 Annual Membership Fee – Associate membership shall be extended to any individual, organization or group that does not meet any category of the NCBAA membership, but who supports the purposes, programs and activities of the NCBAA in accordance with the NCBAA Constitution and Bylaws.


Retiree: $75.00 Annual Membership Fee – Retiree membership shall be extended to any retired trustee, faculty member, administrator or other personnel of Nevada System of Higher Education institutions.


To pay by check or money order, mail membership application and payment to:

State of Nevada Council on Black American Affairs
Attn: Membership Dept.
889 South Rainbow Blvd.
Suite 154
Las Vegas, NV 89145

Dues include SNCBAA and WRCBAA membership. The membership year is July 1 – June 30. Fees are not prorated.

***All fees are non-refundable.***